Newark International Airport New Jersey, United States of America

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Newark Liberty Airport, 430 route 1 and 9 south, NEWARK, NJ, USA, 07114

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Mon08:00 - 22:00
Tue08:00 - 22:00
Wed08:00 - 22:00
Thu08:00 - 22:00
Fri08:00 - 22:00
Sat08:00 - 22:00

Additional extras:

EQUIPMENT Child Seats (Infant, Child, Booster) are available for purchase at the rental counter for additional $10 per day. Navigational System (NAV) portable GPS systems are available for additional $8 per day.

Useful Information

Drivers License

Customers who reside in the United States, U.S. Territories, or Canada Customers who reside in the U.S., U.S. Territories, or Canada must present a valid, unexpired government-issued Driver's license which includes a photograph of the customer. Digital licenses are not accepted. The driver's license must be valid for the entire rental period. Customers travelling to the U.S. and Canada from other countries It is important that customers check with the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles in the States or Provinces in which they intend to travel to ensure compliance with their various licensing laws. The following practices are used to ensure the customer is presenting a facially valid license at the time of rental. Customers traveling to the United States and Canada from another country must present the following: Their home country Driver's license, and If the home country license is in a language other than English (or French, for rentals in Canada) and the letters are English (i.e. German, Spanish, etc.) an International Driver's Permit is recommended, but not required, for translation purposes in addition to the home country license. If the home country license is in a language other than English and the letters are not English (i.e. alphabet is not an extended Latin-based alphabet like German or Spanish but is Russian, Japanese, Arabic, etc.) an International Driver's Permit is required.In either case the home country license must also be presented. Customers may not rent a vehicle solely with the International Driver's Permit. The International Driver's Permit is a translation of the individual¿s home country license and is not considered a license nor is it considered valid identification.Photocopies of Driver's Licenses are not accepted, ¿Learner¿s Permits¿ are not accepted. Temporary Driver's Licenses may be refused if the renting location is unable to otherwise verify the customer¿s identity or verify the authenticity of the temporary license. Additional Government-issued identification may be required.


Renter may purchase Roadside Assistance Protection (RAP) from Owner for an additional fee. If Renter purchases RAP, Owner agrees, subject to the actions that invalidate Damage Waiver, to contractually waive Renter¿s responsibility for the cost to provide 24/7 roadside assistance (where available) which includes replacement of lost keys (including remote entry devices), flat tire service (if no inflated spare is available, the vehicle will be towed. Cost of a replacement tire is not covered by RAP), lockout service (if the keys are locked inside the vehicle), jumpstarts, and fuel delivery service for up to 3 gallons (or equivalent liters) of fuel if Vehicle is out of fuel.If Renter does not purchase RAP, or RAP is invalidated as set forth above, roadside assistance will be available, but standard charges will apply. For roadside assistance call 1-800-328-7272.


Economy Rent a Car / Drivo Rent-A-Car customers have a choice as to how they would like to pay for fuel. Option 1 ¿Fuel Now, this option allows the renter to pay for the tank of gas at the time of rental and return the tank empty. No refunds will be issued for unused gas. Option 2 ¿ Fuel Later, this option allows the renter to pay Drivo Rent-A-Car at the end of the rental for gas used but not replaced. Price per gallon will be higher that local fuel prices. Option 3 ¿ Self Service, this option allows the renter to return the vehicle with the same amount of gas as received to avoid extra fuel charges. No refund will be issued if the renter returns the vehicle with more gas than the vehicle initially had.


Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) for this location is $15.00 ¿ SLI is offered at the time of rental for additional daily charge. If accepted SLI provides the renter and authorized drivers with up to $100,000 in total claims. This is a summary only. SLI is subject to the terms, conditions, provisions, limitations and exclusions in the supplemental liability insurance of the insurance provider. The SLI is required for the rental. Renters can only decline SLI offered at the rental counter if they provide the proof of their own full auto insurance with rental vehicle coverage benefits at the time of the rental, with renter¿s name, policy number and expiration date indicated on the insurance documents. Customers who decline SLI offered at the counter and fail to provide the proof of their own insurance will be denied in the service.


All Economy Rent a Car / Drivo Rent-A-Car vehicles are non-smoking. Renters returning with cigarette/cigar residue or odor will be charged a cleaning fee of up to $250


Economy Rent a Car / Drivo Rent-A-Car vehicles may be driven into Canada. They do not require presentation of liability protection letters, certificates or stickers at customs. A passport is required to enter Canada.


Economy Rent a Car / Drivo Rent-A-Car vehicles may not be driven into Mexico.


The rates and mileage charges shown only apply to deplaning renters with a proof of a round trip travel ticket, e-ticket, or travel itinerary that shows renter¿s name and discloses the return date and port of entry

Non-departing customers, or customers who fail to provide such proof are subject to mileage restrictions of 150 miles per day, after which a $0.25 per mile charge will be added to their total bill. Unlimited-Miles Package can be purchased at the rental counter for additional fees of $10 to $40 per day. DEBIT CARDSare not an acceptable form of payment for non-deplaning renters.Non-deplaning customers must have a credit card with additional 20 percent more than the cost of the rental plus an extra $200 will be taken at time of rental. The renter must also provide proof of full coverage insurance policy in their name and the deposit must be held on a credit card. Cash, prepaid cards and money orders are not acceptable methods of deposit. This location is not responsible for any overdraft fees incurred.