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Dec 7, 2012
is the rental Car Supplier On or OFF Airport

Are you located at the airport? This is a question we are asked often. Tipoa Rental Car display icons at STEP 2 during the booking process. These icons are displayed as two different colours, GREY show the automobile specifications. The BLUE icons display indicate which of the suppliers are on airport and which offer alternative services, such as shuttle bus or meet and greet.


Terminal rental counter and pickup - The supplier and the automobile are located at the airport.

Terminal rental counter and shuttle bus to car - The supplier is based at the airport, but the automobile is a short bus ride away.

Shuttle bus to car - The supplier and automobile are off airport and a shuttle bus ride away.

Meet and Greet - The supplier will meet you at arrivals, with your name displayed on a board. Sometimes the car will be brought to the airport or you take a shuttle to the suppliers location.

Car with Driver - In certain countries, for example India, cars are supplied with a driver.

Please note that in most cases, the cheapest car offered, based upon your search criteria will be based off airport and involve the use of a shuttle bus.

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Article written by Ellma Ots.

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