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Sep 16, 2014
Aer Lingus Wi-Fi is now available on A330 aircraft on all our transatlantic routes

With Aer Lingus, whether you're travelling for work or play, you can stay connected via any Wi-Fi enabled device! You can email, facebook, tweet, browse, instant message or shop online.

Using Wi-Fi Onboard FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I use the Wi-Fi for?
A. Wi-Fi will give you access to the internet for Web browsing, online shopping, email, instant messaging and social networking.

Q. What devices can I use?
A. Bring all your Wi-Fi enabled devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Q. What are the rates for internet access?
A. When it comes to staying connected, here are your options:
- Business class passengers surf for free.
- Aer Lingus Wi-Fi Pass 1 hour: €10.95/$14.95
- Aer Lingus Wi-Fi Pass 24 hours: €19.95/$24.95

Q. How do I connect?
A. Simply enable Wi-Fi on your device, launch your browser and purchase your on-board voucher through the Aer Lingus Wi-Fi page, login and surf! You can purchase a Wi-Fi Pass easily with a credit card through the Aer Lingus Wi-Fi page which will appear when you launch your browser.

Q. Under what SSID is the WLAN network provided?
A. The SSID is 'Aer_Lingus_WiFi' and it is a publicly broadcasted Wi-Fi network.

Q. Can I get something for free?
A. Yes. You can access our content on for free, where you can manage your booking, visit our partner sites or browse our Sky Shopping catalogue.

Q. At what times can I surf the Internet?
A. The Wi-Fi is activated at 10,000 feet or around 20 minutes after take-off. It is deactivated during take-off and landing.

Q. How much bandwidth is available, what's the speed for data transfer?
A. You will get an upload capacity of approx 5 Mbps and download capacity of approx 1 Mbps. It will be the same speed as if you were using a public hotspot on land.

Q. Does your Wi-Fi give a secure connection?
A. Yes. It's as safe as any other public Wi-Fi service, such as in a hotel or cafe and connections to secure websites (i.e. HTTPS) or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will remain secure.

Q. Why is my transmission being interrupted or disabled?
A. The service may be disrupted if the aircraft is not above 10,000ft, outside satellite coverage or because of extreme weather conditions. You will get systems status updates throughout the flight although events like those described may happen without warning.

Q. Is it possible to switch between devices using the same purchased session?
A. Yes. You can access Wi-Fi on all your devices. You don't need to purchase a new session, simply enter your username and password on the new device.

Q. Is Wi-Fi available on all Aer Lingus flights?
A. Wi-Fi is available on all our A330 aircraft for long haul flights. It is not yet available on our European flights but it is coming soon.

Q. Is it safe to operate Wi-Fi on an aircraft?
A. Yes! Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, and all aspects of the system are tested and safety certified by us and the European Safety Agency (EASA).

Q. Who can help me in case of Wi-Fi billing queries?
A. Billing information can be found within the portal of our service provider, T-Mobile, who you need to contact directly. Here are their contact details

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