Atlanta - Airport - Hartsfield, United States of America

Pick-up type:

In terminal counter, shuttle to car

Supplier details


2200 Rental Car Center Parkway, 2200 Rental Car Center Parkway, Atlanta, 30337, United States, GA, Georgia

Opening Hours
Sun08:00 - 21:00
Mon08:00 - 21:00
Tue08:00 - 21:00
Wed08:00 - 21:00
Thu08:00 - 21:00
Fri08:00 - 21:00
Sat08:00 - 21:00

Credit Card Policies:

The credit card must have the same name as the renter's driver's license. The following are accepted forms of payment: - Visa - MasterCard - American Express - Discover - Carte Blanche - Diners Club Intl CREDIT CARD HOLD: A minimum authorization of $200.00 will be authorized against your credit card at the time of rental. Unused authorizations will be released upon return of the vehicle. Payless accepts prepaid cards for payment at car return only

Useful Information

Age Requirements

***Through June 30, 2020, the underage surcharge is waived in participating locations in all states EXCEPT Maryland, Michigan and New York. The minimum age requirements remain the same. The underage surcharge will apply for rentals beginning on or after July 01, 2020.*** Renters must be 25 years of age with a valid drivers license and a major credit card in his/her own name. Renters 21 through 25 years of age with a major credit card in his/her name may rent an Economy, Compact, Intermediate, Standard or Full-size car or a Minivan with an additional $25.00 per day surcharge.

Geographical Restrictions / Travel Limitations

Location must be notified at time of rental when driving out of the originating state. Failure to notify location may result in additional penalties. One-Way: All car groups may be rented one-way based on availability. Unauthorized one-way rentals will be subject to a surcharge.


*GENERAL DIRECTIONS* Shuttle to Car Rental Facility Payless is located in the Atlanta Rental Car Center. Exit the baggage claim area and follow the signs to the Sky Train - Rental Car Center. When you arrive at the Center, take the escalator down to the second floor Customer Service area where the Payless counter is located. IMPORTANT - Atlanta Airport (ATL) is currently under construction. All customers should allow for an additional 30 minutes when returning vehicles to avoid any potential delays. Construction is currently taking place on the "Return Bridge". Customers returning vehicles will need to follow the Airport signs. After parking their vehicle, customers will then need to make their way to the second level via the elevator or stairs to access the Sky Train to return to the terminal.


E-TOLL COLLECTION DEVICE AVAILABILITY TOLL PAYMENT TAG PASS You are responsible for payment of all tolls incurred during the rental period. We offer an optional service called e-toll that allows customers to use electronic toll lanes on highways, bridges, tunnels and other tolled passages. All vehicles are pre-equipped to electronically process tolls. If you do not pay cash for tolls, you automatically opt into our e-toll service to which you agree to pay us or our toll program administrator with whom we will share your credit card/debit information for all tolls incurred during your rental and all related fees, charges and penalties. The e-toll fees may take 4-8 weeks after the rental to be billed to your credit card/debit card on file. E-TOLL SERVICE CONVENIENCE FEES The convenience fee for e-Toll usage is $3.95 up to $5.95 USD for each day you use the E-Toll device and there is a maximum of $19.75 up to $29.75 USD per rental month, plus toll charges. There are NO service charges if e-Toll is NOT USED during the rental duration. E-TOLL UNLIMITED Available at participating locations in the following states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Main, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia. If you use the unlimited E-Toll service, all cost of tolls and convenience Fees are included. For this service, you pay a flat fee of $10.99 up to $23.99 USD per each day of the rental period, regardless of whether or not you incur any tolls, or a flat fee of $54.95 up to $119.95 USD per week. E-toll unlimited must be purchased at the beginning of the rental. OPTING OUT OF E-TOLL If you do not choose e-toll unlimited at the time of rental, you may avoid the standard e-toll fees on any given day during the term of the rental if you ensure the transponder shield box is in the "closed" position and you pay cash for all tolls, use your own adequately funded, properly mounted and compatible electronic toll device to pay for all tolls, or pay the toll authority directly and follow the toll authority rules and requirements. For more information on tolling, please visit or contact E-Toll at 1-866-642-2000 or check at the time of rental.

Fuel policy

OPTION #1: PREPAY FUEL OPTION (BUY A TANK) Vehicle is rented with a full tank. You may purchase a full tank of fuel at the time of rental and bring the vehicle back with fuel at any level. There will be no credit issued for unused fuel. OPTION #2: FUEL SERVICE OPTION (WE FILL THE TANK) Vehicle is rented with a full tank. You may bring the vehicle back full to avoid a charge or Payless will refuel your vehicle based on the miles driven or level of the tank. A refueling service fee will apply per gallon. What type of fuel do I use in my vehicle? Click Here