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Oct 4, 2014
Rental Car Protector Insurance for Mexico

What is Rental Car Protector?


Insure against rental car damages or losses with our partner, Allianz Global Assistance. The policy covers physical damage to a rental car which may be caused by a collision, storm, fire, theft or vandalism and occurs during the rental period (maximum 45 days). It also provides a 24-Hour Helpline. Multi-lingual problem solvers are available to help you gain access to local resources and information you would need to solve a legal, medical, or travel related emergency.

Rental Car Protection is normally offered at STEP3 during the online booking process at Tipoa Rental Car at most domestic locations.

Protect yourself with Allianz Travel Insurance in the USA & Mexico against rental car losses or damages, as it may be less expensive now than at the rental car desk.

Policies provide up to $40,000 in primary coverage for rentals up to 45 consecutive days (not available to Washington residents).

You will be offered the opportunity to select the Rental Car Protector option from $10 (USD) per day.

If you are a US Resident you may view the terms and conditions based on your residency, please click here

Exclusions, conditions and limitations may apply, learn more


Unfortunately renting a car in Mexico has its own unique problems.

The Mexican authorities insist you buy the insurance locally at the desk and they will not accept any other form of insurance. Even although other forms of insurance are valid, such as our partners ALLIANZ´s Rental Car Protector or insurance provided by your own credit card supplier.

Nevertheless, you will still have to take the local insurance offered.

So please add to your budget on top of the rental car rate, approximately 10-25 $ a day, depending on what level of insurance you choose.

Below are typical examples of the insurance options you will be offered by these suppliers. Mex Rent a Car is one of the most popular providers:-

Mex Rent a Car

Mexico is one of the cheapest places on earth to rent a car, with rates as low as $3 a day, but please remember you must add the insurance costs on top, that are charged when you arrive.

To view the likely insurance charges click on the link entitled RENTAL CONDITIONS next to the car photo of your choice at STEP2 of our online booking process.

This will open another smaller browser window, and here it will be displayed.


You have to make a choice at the desk between various levels of insurance they offer, they are likely to range in cost from $10 -25 per day. The smaller amount of insurance you take the higher the deposit they will retain on your card, until you return the car.

It may be possible to decline all of their insurance and use you own (credit card or ALLIANZ) but a very high deposit will be taken, $3,000 or more.

It you do take out the extra insurance with our partner ALLIANZ or provide over with your own credit card company, you will need to have written proof that you are covered in Mexico. In the case of the ALLIANZ Rental Car Protector insurance supplied by our partner, you can print out the policy they email you.

The author of this article is Ellma Ots

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*please check with your card issuer before travel and obtain written proof of coverage

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